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Fyne Ales - Beams - 5.70%

Tasting Notes

Initial juicy, tropical fruit flavours lead into rich and complex body with notes of leathery Brett before an wood-forward, dry finish.

Brewed in friendship with Duration Brewing, Beams is a blend of two distinct beers that come together to create an elegant, yet rustic, Brett beer. A barrel-aged bretted saison created with Bates and Miranda in May 2018 rested in French oak until Spring 2019 when it was a blended with a clean-fermented full-bodied strong ale and further aged in steel as the Brett cultures chewed through the complex sugars of the almost-barley wine strong ale.

Brewed with 100% Scottish malt and wheat, Beams was a true collaboration from day one, as bottled samples of potential blends travelled down the country to Norfolk for feedback from the Duration crew, with feedback and notes returning to Glen Fyne following each shipment. The result is a complex, chewy beer that offers layers and layers of flavour to savour.

375ml bottle


Cairndow, Argyll, Scotland


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